Standard Way

Its pretty simple. They go to the URL address shown on the back of the card and enter their access code either on your artist page or own website. Based on what you set the card to be worth they can immediately add items to their cart and begin the downloading process. The download cards work on any mobile or tablet device.

The QR CODE Way "Scan & Download"

Instead of your fan typing the URL and entering the access code shown on the back of your download card. We can automatically place a QR Code on it. All your fan needs to do is scan the QR CODE with their mobile phone and it does all the typing for them. Pretty simple - basically scan and download! 

The NFC Way "Tap & Download"

With NFC enabled phones like most Androids, all your fan has to do it tap the card with their mobile phone and presto... we automatically transfer the data from the card to their mobile phone! 

Our download cards are packed with the latest technology to help you expand your music everywhere!