Fizzkicks understand how important live performances are to grow your fan base. Fizzkicks download cards are ideal for selling your live shows!

We have integrated with SongKick to feed your shows direct to your artist page. If you don't have a SongKick account, go to SongKick and sign up for free. You will need a SongKick account to post your shows on Fizzkicks.

Its simple to add shows to your artist page. Just enter your Songkick Artist ID and we'll display your upcoming shows! To do this just click on Shows in your Artist Page to add your SongKick ID Number.

Here is how you link your Songkick Artist ID with your Fizzkicks Artist Page.

1. Go to Songkicks

2. Find your band name by searching for it on their site.

3. You will see a list, click on your band. If you are not there just sign up for a free Songkick account through their Tourbox.

4. Your address will appear like this if you already have an account.

5. If you just created an account it will look like this:

6. Copy and Paste ID into your Fizzkicks artist page Here: